If you would like to become a regular contributor to this blog  contact me at  and we will talk. I’m looking for compatible political commentary,  good writing about the local arts scene, local history and color;writing  about Pocatello in particular but also the broader areas of state and and region.  If you have an idea for something and you’re not sure, talk to me.


2 responses to “Contributors

  1. Sandy Beall

    I literally stumbled upon your blog looking for pictures of Pocatello. I used to live there for several years through college and then employment at a Pocatello radio station. I now live in Las Vegas, but I’ll be back in Pocatello in another week for a district Civitan convention and a Revive at 5 next Friday, August 19.

    My wife and I are both teachers, and you, she, and I all share very similar political views. I really like what you’re posting, and I’ll keep following what you write.

    • uglicoyote

      Thank for stumbling in Sandy. I’ve been possting little this Summer as I re-frame myself in my new role as a retiree. But I’ll be posting more soon.

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